Web hosting rebates are offers make by hosting affiliate partners and not from the hosting companies itself. Can you trust these people? And how to identify the real hosting rebate provider. I had been years in web hosting industry and now running web hosting reviews for a year plus. Its […]

Web hosting rebates or scams

What is SQL Web Hosting Before understanding the concept of SQL web hosting, it’s necessary to have a basic grasp on what SQL is, and also how web hosting works.   * SQL is the acronym for Structured Query Language, which is a computer language that is used to manipulate […]

Understanding Sql Web Hosting

When you’re making a web video, you need to treat it like a major motion picture.  Although, you will most likely not have to go to the extremes that Hollywood professionals do, there are some traits that you must pick up from them.  The most important out of all these […]

Planning Your Web Video

Email marketing is not just all about unsolicited emails with advertisements making outrageous claims. Unfortunately the abundance of spam which inundates Internet users each day has caused many to formulate a negative opinion about email marketing but savvy Internet marketers who understand how to market successful enjoy an advantage over […]

Email Marketing With E Newsletters

Games can be addictive – But obsession is something else. The following article is meant for parents of a teen who might be obsessed with video and/or computer games. While in some of our other articles we may sound as though we encourage obsession, we share a concern over teens […]

Dealing With Teen Video Game Obsession

The internet has changed the communication industry dramatically. Many people are now discovering ways to stay connected through many online services. Websites dedicated to social networking are also increasing. It’s no longer a surprise to find lots of online communities today and it seems that these communities are becoming an […]

The Twitter Question

Do you ever feel like you know just enough about computers to be dangerous? Let’s see if we can fill in some of the gaps with the latest info from computers experts. One thing is for sure, the hard drive is something that no computer can be without. In fact, […]

Finding Affordable Hard Drives

There is a fine line between advertising and spam and unfortunately many business owners do not understand the difference between the two. This is important because while a cleaver, well planted Internet marketing campaign can help to attract new customers and keep existing customers loyal, spam is likely to alienate […]

Advertise, Do not Spam