Virtual CTO

Learn How to Save Time and Money and Generate Profits by Making the Right Technology Decisions

Have you ever been amazed and excited about a technical sales demo, and after you purchased the product or service been dissatisfied or worse felt ripped off?

How did you feel the last time you confronted one of your technology providers with an issue and he spewed out some technical jargon in a condescending tone and didn’t even address the problem?

What did you think the last time a vendor sent you a huge bill for software or hardware that you’re not even sure you use or benefit from?

How can you be expected to run a profitable business when you are overwhelmed with salesmen and SPAM telling you all these whiz bang products that you ‘just have to get to make your life and business easier’.

The truth is that technology is here and you need to use it effectively to stay competitive, but you can’t afford to lose time and money on bad decisions.

Wouldn’t it be a huge load off your mind to have a technical advisor, or what we like to call a Virtual CTO. How happy you would be to have trusted technology advisors (VCTO) who will;

  • help you identify your vision and assess your true technical needs
  • produce a technology game plan in line with your goals
  • use their vast network of resources and contacts to put the plan into action
  • decipher all the tech talk mumbo jumbo into something comprehensible
  • make sure all vendors and consultants meet or exceed expectations
  • ensure that security, scalability and reliability ‘best practices’ are followed

This is just a short list. The main take away is that you will never have another ‘sleepless night’ worrying about your technology. Call or write to schedule a free consultation!!

Stephen Madaras, 619-501-6286,

PS: Please remember the consultation is free and your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!